The Polanski dilemma

Reading the internet scribes' writings about Polanski makes me wonder: are people really not able to see the whole view?

What can we say about Polanski?
1. He's a rapist. He raped 13-year old girl. There can be no excuse.
2. He's very good director. Really good.

Some people just can't get these two facts into their heads...
One "party" thinks that because he's a rapist he can't be an artist.
Another "party" thinks that because he is a really good artist he can not thought of as a rapist.

Well, here is the news: he is both.

He's a rapist. And an artist. Both.

Being an artist does not excuse the rape.
Being a rapist does not mean he's not an artist.

It's really that simple. But some people just don't get it... somehow...

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