Certain people with addictive personalities are giving some poor, innocent substances (and activities) a bad name. Most people who condemn currently illegal consensual activities know little or nothing about them. All they know are the sensationalized media accounts designed not to educate, but tittilate. Unless they take part in the activities themselves - or have close friends who do - most people have bad relationships with the mere existence of these consensual activities. The primary emotions seem to be revulsion and fear, born of ignorance. Revulsion and fear keep one from investigating and learning that there is nothing much to be repulsed by or afraid of. It is closed loop of ignorance (ignore-ance).

The unwillingness to see that "It is my judgement, based on my ignorance, that is causing the problem" is the problem. Bad realtionships promote worse relationships. Worse relationships promote impossible relationships. Impossible relationships promote laws against consensual activities.

- Peter McWilliams, "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do"

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