Hacking the Tiananmen Square

Everybody knows (I hope), what is (was) Tiananmen Square massacre. So no need to explain what it is...

Nowadays I read some webpages about "hacking" (in the original sense of this word):

So, I recalled one idea which I had some time ago - a way to comemorate the Massacre in the Square. As probably everybody knows on the fourth of June (when the Massacre hapened) nobody is allowed in to the square who is carrying anything - every person entering the square is checked through. So basically no flowers and/or banners allowed.

What can you do? :)

Well... imagine...

People (a lot of them - which isn't a problem in China :) ) are entering the square. Obviously each of them is checked through by security forces.
Nobody of them has anything which would be worth noting. Just some pasers-by taking a walk. Then, when there are enough of them in the square, all at once, at a command (or at no command at all), put a pair of fingers into their throats and vomit a big - red - puddle... looking just like blood. All the square is in red splashes...

Pretty symbolic, huh? ;)

Obviuosly, no need to drink blood beforehand - tomato juice will work perfecly, or any other non poisonous substance (lets say coloured water)...

Would be a pretty impressive hack, imho.

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